We are aware that the clothing industry is one of the largest environmental  top right now. We need a radical change in our buying behavior and in the choice of materials we use, and in what way we develop our products. No one can do everything – but we can all contribute in some way. Our goal and our vision is to inspire our customers to buy more long-term. We design a collection that is not dated but we offer timeless classics that can be used for a long time to come. Fast fashion is not for us. We avoid producing more than what is requested and we offer the customer ONE SIZE which is our way of making a little difference.


Clothes are consumed and thrown at a furious pace, faster than ever. We do not want to be part of that behavior. If you buy a WE TWO STOCKHOLM garment, it should be a conscious choice and the design is created so that you always want to wear the garment, independent season and trend. It requires a lot from us but we are ready to take on the challenge. We believe that our customers choose quality over quantity and face fast changing trends. See more of our collection here


WE TWO STOCKHOLM collection consists mainly of silk blouses and silk dresses. When we compare the page with other materials, we know that silk is a renewable resource that has many benefits purely environmental. The silk thread is produced by the silkworm and is therefore a natural fiber, no harmful chemicals are needed in the production process. The silk larva feeds on the mulberry leaves that can grow without fertilizers and no pesticides are required. There is a need for relatively little water in the production, which is a great advantage for the environment. This can be compared to the fact that cotton production requires huge amounts of water.