Take care of your silk blouse

Silk fabrics has many advantages. It is an exclusive material in many aspects.
You will always feel safe and comfortable and appreciate the benefits of feeling in the fabric.
The silk fabric keeps you warm when it is cold outside and cool in warmer temperatures.
The silk absorbs 30% of the moisture from your body without the fabric becoming damp. Buying a silk garment is a good environmental choice as a silk garment does not have to be washed so often.
In order to achieve sustainable fashion consumption, we must take care of our clothes. By giving your clothes extra attention and care before and after washing, you will be able to keep them for a long time and avoid over-consumption.

Wash and shoot your silk garment as below, and you will enjoy your garment for many years to come. See our entire collection here

Air the garment
Have you got a stain, take a dry cloth and rub it gently, it is a grease stain, remove it with olive soap before washing.
When you need to wash your silk garments, it is done by hand, absolutely the easiest and best for the environment. Use a detergent for the silk or shampoo.
Do not tumble dry and avoid sunlight during drying
After washing, hang up on the hanger and it dries in a snap
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