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How to handle WE TWO STOCKHOLM Silk garments

Silk is made from cocoon wires from a silk butterfly larva and consists of 100% natural material. Since the fabrication of silk is made without chemicals and since it´s totally renewable, silk is considered as durable.

Silk has many fantastic benefits. It is one of the most exclusive materials in many terms. You will always feel confident and comfortable and appreciative of its flattering drape.

Silk keeps you warm in cold temperature and cool in warm weather. Silk absorb 30% of the body weight moisture without feeling damp.

Buying and using silk is also an environmentally conscious choice due to the fact that silk does not need to be washed very often due to silk naturally breaks away mites, dust and other particles.

To achieve a sustainable fashion consumption we need to make our clothes live longer. By giving your clothes that extra attention and care before and after washing, you will be able to keep them for a long time and produce less wastage. Below find some general advice:


To keep your favourite silk piece for a long time, follow our instructions below.     

  • Steam the garments, takes away 99% of the bacteria and odorants, and restores the garment’s shape
  • Air the garment
  • We recommend to hand wash your silk garment. Fill the sink with cold water
  • Make sure you use a mild detergent that is free from enzymes
  • After wash, hang the garment directly on a hanger to dry
  • If you need to iron your silk garment, use a cotton towel in between or use a steamer
  • Never keep silk garment in the sun
  • Never tumble dry

Handle your silk garment with care and it will last for a lifetime! 

WE TWO STOCKHOLM – Made to Last!