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Hand knitted light blue mohair sweater Marie

379 $

This is high fashion slow fashion. This mohair sweater is knitted by hand. It takes 20 hours to knit a sweater and each sweater is completely unique. It is now available in this lovely light blue color. It’s easy to take care of your mohair shirt, follow our advice here.

COLOR: Light blue


Hand knitted light blue mohair sweater Marie

Hand knitted light blue mohair sweater. The model is generous in the fit, the shirt has large wide sleeves. Hand knit in a moss knit texture. It has extra long sleeves to give a nice relaxed impression. Ideal for pairing with your jeans. Our hand knit mohair sweater Marie will be your favorite in the wardrobe!

WE TWO STOCKHOLM works with ONE SIZE. Fits everyone in size S-L.


LAUNDRY: Wash by hand with mild detergent for woolen garments. Turn out of the water with the help of a towel, place on a dry towel and dry. Feel free to shake the sweater when it is dry so that the fibers rise and again it becomes fluffy.

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