How to handle WE TWO STOCKHOLM Cashmere garments

Cashmere is one of the world’s finest and most delicate natural fibres. Garment made from cashmere are soft and warm and can be worn directly on the skin, it is never itchy. Cashmere also breathes well and is suitable to wear all year around. See our cashmere sweater Ebba

Buying and using cashmere is also an environmentally conscious choice due to the fact that cashmere does not need to be washed very often.

Cashmere is made from the fine hairs on the belly of the cashmere goat.


  • Air your cashmere garment and let it rest between uses.
  • Keep your cashmere knit in clean closet together with several blocks of cedar, which will help keep moths away.
  • Brushing and airing cashmere is often sufficient for keeping it clean. Do not wash if it is not needed.
  • If you need to wash, do it by hand (don’t rub and don’t let it stay in water for a long time) or wash in washing machine on the wool/ silk program.
  • Use a mesh wash bag to protect the garment, and don’t tumble dry. Preferably use a special gentle wool detergent, if you don’t have use shampoo, never use fabric softener.When drying your cashmere garment, gently squeeze out excess water in a towel. Let the garment lie flat on a towel to dry. Never hang the garment to dry as it may lose its shape.   

Do not tumble dry!     

Handle your cashmere garment with care and it will last for a lifetime!

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