Katarina founder of WET


Founded in 2018 by Agneta Bohlin and Katarina Johansson, since february 2019 Katarina operates the brand forwarding its own direction. WE TWO STOCKHOLM creates a timeless collection, blouses, dresses and knitwear. We turn to the woman who buys thoughtfully and cares more about sustainability than about fast fashion trends.The favorite material is SILK but in the collection there are also garments of other natural materials such as cashmere, mohair and linen.

“It is an inspirational journey, to finally be able to create something own after all years as an employee in production and design at other brands. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to design clothes I want to wear myself. WE TWO STOCKHOLM has chosen to make only one size, ONE SIZE, as we wish to see a more accepting and inclusive fashion than what is normally offered. The garments will look different depending on who carries them, that is our way of showing acceptance for different body shapes. We also want the garments to be ageless and fit into a 25 year old girl as well as a 70 year old woman! ”Says Katarina, co-founder and Head of Design.


The collection is produced by small local tailors in Shanghai. All qualities are selected on the spot and are produced in small quantities, which leads to ”LIMITED EDITION”. Since Katarina has worked and been living in Asia for many years, she has had the opportunity to establish these contacts ”They are more like my friends than as suppliers, and I am extremely grateful for our cooperation which benefits them as well as my brand”, says Katarina . The idea is to strive to never produce more than what is required, which is one of their contributions to protecting the environment. WE TWO STOCKHOLM designs in season with short lead times and the collection is continuously updated.

Via the Web Shop www.wetwostockholm.com New studio: Essinge Brogata 31, Stockholm, Sweden
Katarina Johansson, Co-Founder and Head of the design at WE TWO Stockholm